All Dresses via Avenue 32

I'm loving wedding outfit posts at the moment, both writing them and reading other peoples, although my major enjoyment out of all of this is the fact that I know a certain someone is reading these posts (Haiii Bella) wanting to know what I'll be wearing for her wedding come October. I know for a fact that the unknown is starting to wind her up a bit, and guess what I'm going to keep her guessing until the day. Anyway I do know what type of dress I want and I might be tempted to elaborate if Bella closes her eyes and puts her headphones in haha.
I think the difference from high street and designer dresses when it comes to weddings is that designer dresses are more unique and you know they're going to be an investment piece which you can wear in years to come. Personally I love the second dress for a summer wedding, however 1 and 3 is my current favourites... could this be a clue as to what I want to wear?? What styles of dresses do you wear at weddings? Have any of you done wedding outfit photos? If so please can you link me up below