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Every now and then looking through blogs, magazines and malls for fun fashion trends gets a bit old, and it can definitely be exciting to find some new inspirations. One place to look is definitely at the cinema, where films - even the ones that bomb (like so many this year) -often dictate, or at least demonstrate, some interesting fashion ideas. Okay, so guys ten years ago didn't exactly start dressing up like Neo from the Matrix, and I don't know many girls confident rocking Scarlett Johansson's Avengers jumpsuit. But here are a few fun fashion ideas from recent films, just for fun!
Gangster Squad - Mad Men Meets Marvel
Gangster Squad was a pretty so-so film, and is a lot closer to streaming services like Picturebox or your On Demand service than the cinema. But the fashion was pretty interesting. Set in 1949 LA, this action-packed crime drama took the chic and classy outfits of a Mad Men atmosphere and touched them up with comic book flair. Emma Stone's red dress on the film posters might be the best look of the year in film.
Oz The Great & Powerful - Costume Chic
Okay, so this film wasn't exactly going for wearable fashions, and for the most part it didn't provide any. In other words, it's not that helpful. But it's hard to watch this film and not wish guys could start wearing top hats again, and I wouldn't put it past some people I know to try out Mila Kunis's giant-brimmed red witch-hat. It's all costuming (rather than real fashion), but this film's fun from a style standpoint.
The Great Gatsby - Vintage Perfection
Let's just be honest. It might be costuming very specifically tied to the United States in the 20s, but The Great Gatsby taught us all how to dress once more. Even if we don't all rush out to buy similar clothing (Brooks Brothers actually ran a men's collection of Gatsby attire), this film made it seem cool to make that extra effort on appearance. It's probably the most significant film for fashion of the year.
Fast & Furious 6 - Street Chic
This franchise has endured with surprising success, but it's actually kind of interesting from a fashion standpoint. All of the characters wear super casual attire (for Paul Walker, usually jeans and a tee shirt), but there's a subtle lesson in how to look good in a carefree, simple manner. I kind of want to call it street chic? The way Michelle Rodriguez rocks a plain tank top, or Vin Diesel pulls off an old school leather jacket, is intriguing, at least.
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