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I sometimes feel like I should share more with you about my life away from Blogging - obviously you see outfits and get snaps of what I've been up to in my Sunday Edit posts. But really that's only a small aspect of my life - I don't know why but lately I feel like I'm starting to be more guarded. So for a bit of a change I thought I would share with you what is becoming the bane of my life - trying to find the ideal house.

Now finding a mortgage won't be an issue considering my cousin has his own mortgage company, however the lack of houses in the area I want, within my price range is becoming few and far between. Every Friday night I'm scouring the local housing supplement in my local newspaper and all what its full of is either "country houses for sale" or "city apartments" - if only I could win the lottery. Honestly my phone is currently filled with pictures similar to the above all of inspiration of how to decorate - you can probably guess the colour scheme which I am going for.

I'm being sensible though and buying what furniture I can now while I have a disposable income, however I'm now starting to run out of storage for all my bits and pieces. I don't know if this type of posts appeal to you - however I don't know if this could potentially be a new aspect to include in the blog (more personal posts). Let me know what you think.