Tee - Topshop (link) // Trousers - Zara (link) // Watch - Michael Kors //  Sandals - Primark 
I'll be honest with you - dressing for London is a bit of a ballache. Even though for the majority of the visit the weather was overcast, it was far too warm and stuffy. Therefore the aim of my outfit was to wear as many thin layers as possible and this was what I threw together at the last minute. You'll already know I'm going through a printed trouser phase and as soon as I saw these in Zara I knew I had to buy them - ironically they've since gone into the sale (literally days later). Paired with a simple white tee, its stylish yet simple. Not going to lie Zara sizing as usual is a pain in the backside - ended up having the walk up and down stairs holding onto the back of my trousers in fear of loosing them. Now that would have been a sight for sore eyes in the tube stations.
Oh and all that stuff behind me is Tor's not mine haha.