There’s one thing I can’t live without and that’s my phone, my phone is constantly glued into my hand. From keeping in touch with friends on the other side of the world via WhatsApp, updating my personal Facebook and then FABB/Blog’s Facebook Pages, to Tweeting and then the 1001 random photos I upload onto Instagram on a daily basis. I’d be lost without my phone and I think the same could be said for the rest of us.

My phone contract is going to be up for renewal soon, and I’ve started to do my research as to what phone I want to upgrade to. I’ve noticed that in my office at work quite a few colleagues have recently upgraded to the new HTC ONE phone. As sad as it sounds I’ve been making colleagues take photos of lipsticks and other random bits on my desk to see how good the camera is as for me this is the make or break feature of a phone. Now the HTC camera may be 4mp but what makes this camera amazing for bloggers is the “UltraPixel” image sensor which allows better photos to be taken especially when the visibility is low. Also think of how handy this would be for nights out. Zoe mode is a new function which is unique to this phone as while you take a photo the device will automatically record a short video from which you can go through and choose certain image frames to use – pretty smart.

If you’re considering upgrading, I would recommend having a look at the HTC ONE phone either in store or by watching the video above. As you can see I’ve managed to swipe Lisa’s phone to have a play around with. You know #firstworldbloggerproblems haha.
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