Rejuvenating Shampoo* (£3.70) and Moisturizing Rinse* (£4.20) - Macadamia via HairTrade

I think today we need to spare a thought for our poor hair, the part of our body which I know I abuse. How many different colours has my hair been and the amount of heat I've used on it isn't worth thinking about. Recently I've made a vow to start showing my hair the TLC which it deserves, I've cut down on the heat and I'm embracing the afro-esq hair. Two products which I've been reviewing over the last month is Macadamia's Rejuvenating Shampoo and Moisturizing Rinse.
Now I'll be honest here I'm on the fence with this - individually these products are amazing on my hair. My hair is shiny, feels strong and looks healthy. Used together and my hair looks like its been dunked in a chip pan. Initially I thought it was me being heavy handed with the product however I have come to the conclusion that the combination of the two is too much for my hair to handle.
What is brilliant about the Macadamia range is that the products are sulphate and paraben free and builds up a natural protection against daily environmental damage to your hair. Also what I should mention is that the bottles I've tried are only 60ml each, which is slightly bigger than travel sized products but smaller than normal shampoo, so these would be ideal for travelling. I'll still continue to use these products but with my coloured shampoo/conditioner. If you're a fan of the Macadamia range I'd recommend you check out HairTrade as they stock pretty much the whole range at less than the RRP.