Its official (and yes I know I say this every month) but June has to have been the quickest month on record. This month for me has been mainly a month of rediscoveries and finally breaking the make up spending ban. Although judging by the amount it feels like I've spent over the last two weeks I'm officially kind of back on the ban for the immediate future anyway. So this month's favourites
Mac Peachtwist blush - I've had this in my collection for ages and very rarely used it however I would say this is the best peach blush with bronzer thrown in. Why have I neglected this for so long??
Lauren's Way Glam Tan - 2 weeks in the sun in a bottle. You know how much I love the Darker than Dark mousse - well this is the spray equivalent. One coat and you're done. Review to come soon.
Barry M Gelly in Greenberry - toe nail colour of choice for the last month - thanks to Batey Matey's recommendation. I'm yet to try it on my fingers, however its going to be getting left on my toe nails for the next few months.
Seche Vite - finally realised how to use this properly and after hating it at first - I now can't paint my nails without it. So far it hasn't gone gloopy (touch wood).
Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment - I'm not saying too much as I have a review coming up next week. Hands down the best eye cream I've ever used. HG status!!
Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation - I've only had this since last Friday and oh my days - AMAZING!! Totally lives up to the hype and I need to get matched to this for when I don't have any tan. Shame its so expensive at £33 however so far its worth every penny. FYI I'm NW25 in Mac and I was matched to Beige Ivory.
Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser - this smells lush!! Blackcurrant goodness on your face.