As my holidays is drawing nearer and nearer and as I'm wanting to share more of "me" (so to speak) with you, I've decided to write a quick post about how I'm prepping for my holidays. I'm hammering the gym and classes, however I think I need my mouth wiring shut as I'm eating anything and everything.
If you have read my blog from the beginning you know after the "face incident" as it will be known as, prepping my skin for the sun is vital, therefore I've started using the sunbeds and taking anti histamines to prevent prickly heat. Now obviously sunbeds are bad for the skin, so if you are thinking about or are using them, please be careful and don't over do them.
Next up is travel insurance - normally most people get it free with their banks, however I don't so a quick look on price comparison sites sorts that out. I've managed to get a deal for £7.50 for the week. I always buy travel insurance as I'm quite accident prone when abroad - obviously I had the face swelling incident and then when I was a child I'd managed to fracture my elbow badly on a holiday in Majorca which my parents managed to successfully win an arm injury claim from the hotel. You'll have seen the programmes on TV of Brits stuck abroad in hospital cause of no insurance - this is vital.
What else have I been organising - oh I've started to organise my beauty products - you may have seen my sample box stash on Instagram on Monday and I'll be using that to take sample sized products away with me - I can discover new products and its cuts my stash down. Clothes that's a different story although I have started to plan my wardrobe (getting my priorities right as per).
If you've done any holiday packing posts let me know - I could do with the help.