How long has July dragged - seriously its beyond a joke and payday isn't until next Wednesday. Not going to lie I'm gutted as I honestly thought it was today. Car repairs at the beginning of the month have seriously crippled my bank account. Also sad that after this month my temporary contract comes to an end and I'm going to be loosing a hefty chunk each month. Normally I'd be like right lets spend a fortune, however I'm going to be sensible and buy items which I can use at home and for holiday.
I'm loving Topshop's range of camis and I've already got this in lime, however I want to stock up on these in white/black/pink as they'll be ideal to wear with denim shorts on a night and then I can pair them with skirts at home. Word of warning I would go up a few sizes as I'm normally a 10 on top and the 12 was quite tight on the boobage.
I'm really loving the clothing from Little Mistress at the moment and I think this white shift dress will be ideal for a night in the beer garden (back home obviously). Also loving the print on the midi skirt (this is a big deal for me wearing clingy clothes) and this would work well with the black/white Topshop vests.
Last up some snazzy flip flops for by the pool and on the beach. I haven't mentioned the gift which I have when wearing flip flops is to somehow flick sand right up my legs especially once suntan lotion is applied. As these Havaianas have a strap I'm hoping this will over come the problem as well as stopping me from managing to throw it on the floor (only ever happens when there's fit blokes about). Ideally I would have preferred these in white, however at least black with hide the dirt.
I think the best thing about this months picks is that the total cost for them comes to just over £100 (excluding student discount on Topshop/Asos/Little Mistress). Pretty good going don't you think - roll on next week so I can finally spend some money!!