RB2132 New Wayfarer* - £93.79 Shade Station (link) 

There's no two ways about it I am a sunglasses (well RayBan) snob - I will only wear RayBan sunglasses and as daft as it sounds I will only wear classic RayBan styles. I'll elaborate for you - you will only see me wearing either black, Havana or tortoiseshell glasses, none of those coloured styles for me. Obviously the Wayfarer is RayBan's signature glasses shape, however I find that the normal sized Wayfarers are too small for my face - bigger is always better.
If you have the same problem as me, then you need to try on the New Wayfarer (RB2132) style - slightly bigger than the original Wayfarers. Honestly since getting these, I've only been reaching for these. I can't really explain it however Wayfarers just add something to any outfit. I was lucky enough to receive these from Shade Station and if you're a RayBan obsessive like me, you'll be amazed at the wide range of glasses they have in stock and by the price. Also their customer service is amazing - initially I never received a RayBan guarantee with my sunglasses and after emailing them, they'd responded within an hour and posted the guarantee out next day delivery, so massive thank you for that. Are you a RayBan obsessive, or does it only happen to people called Ray ;)