I'm starting to get on a roll now with using products up - however for some reason I think I must have gotten confused with the numbering as I've had these used up months ago. Never the less, I'll share my thoughts.
Beauty Lab Pre-Tan Skin Polish* - If you love the fake tan, this is a brilliant scrub which gets rid of all traces of fake tan and preps the skin ready for application. However the price is very off putting - I wouldn't re-purchase this and would recommend Soap and Glory Body Scrub. Review here.
 No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser - I think since writing my initial review my love for this has grown. I'd definitely repurchase with No7 vouchers however as I'm sure I've got a back up of this somewhere and a teeny version for my holiday I won't be needing a new one anytime soon. Review here.
Santex Deodorant - best deodorant ever. Already got about 5 of these on the go (note - I don't smell, hence the large number of bottles I have).
Sure Clear Pure Crystal Deodorant - not as good as Santex, bought when on offer. Won't be repurchasing - hated the scent.
Tommyguns Colour Save Intensive Masque - Think this has been the third tub of this I've used up. Personally I love the stuff and was brilliant in keeping the red in my hair, however since reverting back to being a brunette, I've enjoyed using other products. I would definitely consider repurchasing it at a later date. Review here.
MAC Select Foundation (NW20) - I actually swiped this off Stephy for a back to Mac however she'd left quite a bit of this for me to try. Shade wise - perfect however I prefer Studio Sculpt. I wouldn't repurchase this, and apparently I couldn't anyway as its been discontinued.
Britney Spears Radiance Sample - Love this, think I might have to purchase a bottle for work. Definitely would buy a full sized bottle.
Glam Glow Mud Mask* - HG status alert, I'll be buying a jar once its payday. Review here.
Blistex Moisture Max Lipbalm* - This was my saviour after having my tonsils out as my lips were drier than a... haha. Anyway I've got a review of this coming up, and I've already repurchased this. Due to the thick consistency I normally only use this on a night - its not really a daytime lip product.
2013 Total - 43