I should really rephrase that - what's in my travel bag. Anyway you will probably be sick of me talking about it now, but back in June I attended IMATS with Tor and in trying to prep for holidays I decided to attempt to pack "light". I'm on the fence about how well I actually did. I've been after this Primark Aztec washbag after seeing it on a few blogs and I managed to nab the last one from the Metro Centre for only £4 and its huge. Mind you the shampoo (not pictured), conditioner, shower gel, facewipes and toothpaste I'd brought to share with Tor and its always wise if you are going away try and share out what bits and bobs to bring. Normally I try to aim for all minis when travelling or depot things however as I was literally on the last bits of my shampoo/facewipes/deodorant I brought full sizes.

The best thing about all of this was that I didn't even use the dry shampoo, nail file, tail comb, and toner - I honestly don't think I'll ever understand this packing light lark. Lets see what happens when I go on holiday.