B Pure Micellar Water - £3.30 (approx) Superdrug

The recent influx of micellar waters onto the market recently is making choosing the right one for a you a bit of a mission within itself. I've tried Bioderma, L'Oreal and B Pure and I'm going to be doing some indepth (kinda) reviews for you, then I'll do an overall summary post of the three. Anyway, B Pure was the first micellar water I picked up and I believe I bought this when it first came out so it would have been about £4.99, however I do know that this is normally on offer in Superdrug for just over £3.
B Pure products aren't tested on animals, so if you only use products which aren't tested on animals this is the one for you. The product is unscented, and if you've never used Bioderma you will be impressed with the results. The one issue (well one of two) is that after a night out when I've faked tanned - this removes quite a bit of the fake tan. Its actually quite disturbing when you know you've applied very little foundation, yet the cotton wool pad is covered in tan/foundation. However I suppose the advantage of this is that you know that its removing every last bit of grime. On some occasions if I've used too much of this my skin feels like its greasy, so I normally use this before I go in the bath so I can wash away the "grease". 
The main issue I have with this, and if you are prone to sensitive eyes you may want to steer clear is that this stings your eyes when you're removing your eye make up. What I've found is that if put a small amount on the cotton wool pad this does reduce the amount of stinging however this is a major flaw of the product. I would continue to repurchase this if I hadn't tried Bioderma or L'Oreal and especially how L'Oreal is only £2.99 in Savers I'd rather purchase that instead of B Pure. Have any of you suffered from stinging eyes after using this?