Have you ever seen a sadder Payday Wishlist post from me? This is the first of two wishlist posts this week - the other will be a cheeky duty free post (I promise its more exciting than this). Yes you're eyes aren't deceiving you that is a tea jar, I really should start doing home wishlist posts instead. However as I have the mugs/dinner set/coasters/placemats I really want these tea, coffee and sugar jars which are only £3.99 each from Dunelm Mill. Judith finds this quite amusing and I know what people are going to do with these to wind me up - I really can't stand the font on them, it looks tacky. So I'm going to be having them turned around so you can't see no font - quite a shame cause these will look perfect in my kitchen. Word of warning (you know who you are) - if I catch anyone turning these around your fingers will be snapped off.
Next up I desperately need some new joggers for the gym and these Puma Move 3/4 Bottoms will be ideal for Metafit and Spinning. Is it sad that I've got a mate to book my gym classes ready for when I come back from holiday. I think I'll be hammering the gym to get rid of the post holiday blubber. I feel like Puma is quite a retro sports brand and always reminds me of school, however regardless of the brand I will be picking these up in grey and black. Finally I need to do something about my nails - if you're a regular reader you'll know that OPI Nail Envy doesn't work on my nails and after reading so many positive reviews about Dr LeWinns Renunail treatment I really want to give this a try. If you've used this and reviewed it let me know in the comments below.