I honestly don't know how Judith's obsession with Rick Astley came about - considering I was 2 when he first came on the scene apparently and Judith would have been about 4. Anyway last weekend he was "headlining" a free concert at South Shields and Judith has had this in her calendar for most of the year to go. I have never seen so many people in my life at this concert - there was at least a couple of thousand from all ages. To say Judith was in her element is an understatement.

Afterwards we decided to go onto the beach, South Shields beach has always been a place which holds happy memories for me as a child so any opportunity I get to go there, I go. A quick walk along the beach and then a go on the waltzers (NEVER AGAIN) and that was our afternoon out and about done. Oh I think the Rick Astley obsession came from a chain email which had a pie chart on about him never giving you up etc.

We totally owned the 2p slots too - BOOM