No time for small talk - this one's a big un.
Boots Mango Body Wash - Initially saved for holiday I've managed to use this up. It does the job to be fair - the scent is quite artificial though. I probably would repurchase if its in the Boots Christmas sale (or bought as a gift).
Derma V10 Tea Tree Oil Face Wipes - a product which does the job - ideal for mass swatch sessions and for post gym. I've currently got another two of these on the go so no repurchases at the moment. Review here.
Halo Deodorant Wipes* - look out for a review of these shortly. Must have product, love love love.
So Superstar* - a good cheap perfume for work. Would definitely repurchase, even though the scent doesn't last long. Review here.
Good Things Miracle Mattifer Moisturiser* - OMG AMAZING. Will be repurchasing a full sized version of this (when I get around to it). Review here.
Body Shop Vanilla Bodywash - absolutely hated the scent of this and it made my skin feel really dry. Won't be repurchasing this.
Dead Sea Facemask - First ever time of trying these kind of face masks, not really sure whether I liked it or not. If you follow me on Instagram (@RayWhoisShe) you will see photos of me wearing this bored. This won't be featuring in the total as it was used once.
Skinlite Nose Pore Strips - a high street alternative to Biore strips. Highly recommend these and will definitely repurchase. Review here.
Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream - OMG amazing, seriously tempted to buy a jar of this from Duty Free.

Random Mini Body Shop Samples - I really can't remember whether or not these actually wowed me.

Gineva Green Tea Exfoliator* - I've got a review on this coming up shortly. I really enjoyed using this, really brightened my skin up. I'd repurchase this.

Santex Deodorant - no BO = win. Will always keep repurchasing this.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo/Conditioner - At the moment this is the shampoo/conditioner I've been purchasing. It does the job, however I'm debating whether to go for another brand to try instead. However I would still repurchase.

Razor - does the job.

2013 Total - 66

* PR Sample/FABB Events Sponsor