Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover - £6.45 (link)

After reading (and watching) so many reviews and raves about the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover I knew I had to give this a go. Now the majority of the reviews which are out there are of the industrial strength (slight exaggeration) which is available in the US, however I picked this up in Boots thinking it would do the same (it doesn't).
This won't remove your cuticles, but if like me you suffer from dry skin which won't budge for love nor money this is what you need. Basically I put a thick layer on each hand (one at a time), leave for 10-15 mins and then push back my cuticles with the product still on, then rinse off. I find that by leaving the product on my nails while pushing back the cuticles it makes the task way more easier. After this I was my hands and then cut away the remaining skin. Normally I then apply OPI Avoplex over the top and jobs a good un. The gel is unscented and will be ideal for those with sensitive skin.
I do believe this product is over priced however you do get 24ml and this has lasted me almost a year and I have more than 3/4 of the product left. I just think that normal hand cream would do a similar job for less. How do you look after your cuticles? Let me know in the comments below.