So in the first of my holiday esq posts I thought I would share with you what I think is my airport/hand luggage essentials. Obviously there is one major fail in this picture - lack of passport, might have misplaced it prior to taking these photos (as you do). Anyway my plane essentials is my iPod (honestly I'd be lost without it) and money for duty free (there's a couple of haul posts coming up soon). Then there's my Kindle. Initially I'd bought this to use while at the gym on the cross trainer - yes I can work out and read at the same time, its called multi-tasking ;) however its been a life saver on holiday and saves valuable room in your hand luggage.
Prior to going on holiday I was sent the Caseable Kindle 3g and Paperweight case to review and I thought that the ideal place to put it to the test was on holiday. I decided to choose a premade design and decided on the Paint Splatter effect, however you can make your own bespoke designs. The case itself is rigid and does a excellent job of protecting my Kindle (to an extent). Also as the spine of the case is flexible you are able to read your Kindle like a book (how I prefer it) or fold it over on itself without damaging the case. The only downside I have with this case is the elastic corners to keep your Kindle in place. Yes it does keep my Kindle in place securely, however I don't feel like it gives enough protection from scratches and damage which has resulted in me being super paranoid about damages.
All in all I think this case will be ideal for me to use while at the gym, however for travelling bear in mind to be that little bit careful as you may be prone to scratches.
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