For a bit of fun I thought I would do some bikini outfit of the day posts - well not so much actual bikini photos as I don't want to scar you for life and have my body burned into your soul. Not a pretty site. As the lovely conscious person I am I thought I would put a daily snap on my Facebook and Instagram accounts to annoy everyone back at home at work. As you know I do love a bit of leopard print and every Friday is big hair and leopard print - so as soon as I spied the leopard bikini in Asda I had to buy it (only £5) - take a wild guess as to which day the first picture was taken.

As for my other bikinis - the yellow one is Asda which I bought literally a few days before going away. Then the rest are old Tesco, and Primark (bottom two) - personally I'm a huge fan of supermarket bikinis and will happily continue to buy from there as they normally get ruined while away. A couple of you have asked what cover ups I wear and I picked up a red striped and multi coloured stripe thin wool vests for £3 each and I also wore a basketball vest if I was going on to the beach. I should have taken a photo of my trusty Havaianas which are quite frankly the most comfortable flip flops I have ever owned. The pair I have are these violet Slim Havaianas however they're more lilac in the flesh. Outfits are so much easier when you're abroad aren't they?