Lancome Advanced Genifique 100ml - £89.05 // Dior BB Cream (Shade 2) - £18 (approx) // Tom Ford Black Orchid 50ml - £55 // Marc Jacobs Honey 100ml - £50 (all Newcastle Airport)
Korres Magnolia Bark Day Cream 40ml - £16 // Natural Clay Deep Cleansing Mask 16ml - £3 // Pomegranate Cleansing Scrub - £3 (all Zante Airport)
Dr Lewinn's Renunail 3 Step Systems - £22.50 (Thomsons)

So there you have it - the duty free goodness in its entire form. I don' really think I've gone over what I had saved up and I came home with well over £100 in Euros. Can't believe I'm about to admit this but the money I've come home with is being used to buy.... wait for it... a hoover. Its worth mentioning that the LancĂ´me Genifique isn't for me, its for the mother. I'd spied the Renunail set in the on-flight guide and I'm so glad I picked this set up as I was ready to spend £18 on the one bottle. Finally the highlight for me was spotting the Korres stand on the way home - gutted that they didn't stock any of the lipbutters and the 24 hour rose moisturiser which I want. However they did stock a vast arrange of travel sized versions of their popular products so I decided to pick up a few.
I'll be going reviews on the items as I work through them (currently on week two of the Renunail programme), however if you're going to be flying from Newcastle Airport soon - Chanel are stocking cream blushes, they do OPI now, Clarins counter is huge and remember to download the £5 off voucher from Newcastle Airport website.