John Frieda Smooth Start Shampoo* and Conditioner* - £5.99
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Original Hair Serum* - £6.29
This post comes with a bit of a disclaimer - regarding how I use these products. My hair is very fine, yet I have a lot of hair - sometimes my hair looks thick, other times it doesn't. I was recently contacted by John Frieda and asked if I wanted to review some items from their Frizz-Ease range, which to be honest came at the perfect time just before going on holiday as my hair tends to go ever so slightly Monica from Friends... you all know what I mean by that. I have in the past tried products from this range, however they've always made my hair look limp and a bit greasy.
I don't know if they've change the formula or its due to how I use the products, although I have cracked the key as to how I can make these products work for me - I use them separately. Yes you read right, I only use one product from the range when washing my hair. I already use John Frieda's Brilliant Brunette shampoo/conditioner and instead of using the shampoo or conditioner I'll use Frizz-Ease instead and then if I use the BB shampoo and conditioner together I'll use the serum. If that makes sense.
Smooth Start Shampoo and Conditioner both aim to stop frizz the moment you wash your hair. The shampoo aims to hydrate and lock in natural oils in your hair which prevents frizz - I find that if I use less shampoo than I would normally do, this works wonders on my hair. The key is to find the right amount which works for you. The conditioner works in the same way but includes frizz-mending complex + natural olive oil which adds extra hydration to your hair. I found that while in Zante the conditioner worked way better for my hair than the shampoo. I have to admit that while I was away I forgot to use the conditioner on the first night and if you've seen the picture on Instagram my hair was huge!!
I'll come clean with you here, I don't really use much of the hair serum on my hair - I literally only use a teeny tiny amount on the ends of my hair and that's it. However I'll let you into a little secret - this works amazing on hair extensions!! Every time I wash them I use a couple of pumps of this and run it through each weft of hair before drying and keeps my extensions looking brand new. As daft as it sounds you need to treat your hair extensions in exactly the same way as you would look after your own hair.
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