Jeans/Sweatshirt - Primark // Trainers - Converse

I think my face says it all doesn't it - I look as tired as I feel at the moment. Well I know the cause of it - working from 7.45ish on Wednesday then being at Uni 1-9 and not getting in until late, then back up for a full day of work. I keep telling myself it'll get better but I know it doesn't haha. Anyway yesterday instead of hitting the shops, I now spend my time avoiding shops like the plague (the ASOS order for FABB Glasgow doesn't count as shopping).

So yesterday I went to view yet another show home (I'll do another house update next week) and this is what I wore if I'm honest I really couldn't be bothered with dressing up - I just wanted comfort and this is what I wore. I wish Primark did this sweatshirt in different colours as its really good quality and fit for £5. As for shoes, I'm refusing to get my Uggs out as its not "cold" enough so it had to be my Converse All Star Ox trainers. I really think these trainers have seen better days since Zante, and they may have to be put in the washing machine as I HATE dirty Converse. Sometimes you have to forsake fashion for comfort and this is one of those times.

Ps I don't wear shoes in the house - hence the photo of the shoes.