Dress - Topshop (link) // Bag - American Apparel (link) // Shoes - Topshop (as per)

The worst possible horrible thing ever could have happened on Bank Holiday Sunday when I wore this dress.... some other lass had the same dress on in Buddha (vom), obviously I looked better haha. Anyway this dress was bought however to be honest I'm really not keen on these strappy dresses. I just think the way the material hangs it makes you look bigger than you actually are. I don't know if my complete hatred for this was due to not wanting to go out, it being too hot my hair was a frizzy mess and the dress I wanted to wear was creased as I stupidly didn't click on about ironing it until 5 minutes before I was due to go out.

The night lasted an entire 2 hours before I ended up in bed with a 6" spicy Italian (SUBWAY PEOPLE, mind out the gutter). One positive about this outfit - I love the contrast between the pink/turquoise/leopard print. Its in the suitcase already for holiday (or should that be is as this post is scheduled). Anyway that's my outfit, if anyone has seen the above dress in lime I do want it so let me know (tweeting would be better). Hope you're not missing me too much while I'm away haha.