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6 September 2013

Primark A/W 2013

All images via PR Shots
You can blatently tell that Primark is starting to spend more and more money on their advertising campaigns and I'm starting to find myself waiting for the release of the new season images. I don't know what's happening with Primark at the moment - I'm having a love/hate relationship with it especially with the new Newcastle store. There's so many lovely things in however the prices are starting to go up - wasn't the point of Primark to be cheap affordable fast fashion? £20 for a pair of boots? Come on you can go to New Look and pay the same price and lets me honest we know that New Look is going to be better quality.
Anyway I've digressed into a mini rant, however I'm loving some of these pieces - especially the coats, they look like they can give Zara and Urban Outfitters a run for their money at a quarter of the price. Also I'm wanting to see what the PU skirt looks like in the flesh - it could look like a hot cheap mess. As soon as Look Magazine printed these images months ago you will have noticed that I've got my eyes on the woollen panel dress as that picture was straight up on my Instagram. What are you thoughts on the new A/W range?


  1. I love all of these Primark looks! They're definitely throwing everything into advertising now, you're right. The prices are definitely creeping up as well!

    I don't really like the layout of the new Newcastle store either, it's so difficult to get from one floor to another, it's an absolute trek haha.

    Amy xxx

  2. i need that tartan dress in my life its so so pretty can't believe its from primark! xx

    An Uninventive Name

  3. It's a great campaign, everything looks really expensive. I love the grey panel dress and the pink coat! I do agree that everything seems to be creeping up in price though.
    Pretty Eclectic

  4. I agree, I go there looking for something cheap and find better quality for a little bit more in Forever 21 and New Look.
    I'm not complaining though because I have so many awesome bits that I've had for years and still love from Primark :) xx

  5. I can't wait for the tartan dress to come in! xx


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