So there it is, my house is finally getting built. I don't know how often I'll do house updates, however I do want to share bits with you, so these will be on an as and when basis. What's to report, well I've finally seen a show house and I'll be honest I'm very surprised by how big it actually is for a new build. The furniture in the show home was full sized (ie beds and couch) and not smaller ones which you would expect in a show home. Yes I'm not going to like I'd taken my tape measure and went around measuring things, going to have a canny little walk in wardrobe.
Apart from that there's nothing really to say, I'm waiting on clarification on what extra's I'm actually getting with the house and I'm still in shock that a door bell is £95 in the finishing touches booklet - £95 robbing bastards!! I'm starting to think of colour schemes now and I'm really struggling - I'm avoiding browns in my living room like the plague as every man and his dog has that. I also need to sweet talk some of my friends to come around and help paint walls for me.