Mega Effects Mascara - £10 Avon (link)
As much as I try to be positive with my reviews, now and again a product comes along which to put it bluntly is horrid. Now I know Judith has this and raves about it, however I’m the complete opposite. It’s actually going to be getting put in the bin I hate it that much. Avon’s Mega Effects Mascara is the new mascara which due to its design aims to completely revolutionise how you apply mascara. Word of advice Avon please stick to the original method of how mascara is applied in future.
First up is trying to get the mascara wand out, without throwing it across the room. I have never known a mascara to be so complicated to get out. I think the only positive about this is the wand itself – I’m a massive fan of plastic wands as I believe you can get right to the root of your lashes. Now the scientific bit – how to actually apply the mascara. You can bend the brush, or you can keep it vertical. Either way you will need to train yourself in order to apply this as there is a skill involved – keep your hand in front of your eyes not to the side if it was a normal wand.
You’ll also need a stash of cotton buds and some eye make-up remover as you’ll find that more goes onto your eyelids instead of your lashes. For £10 (its currently on offer for £7) I think its poor quality and more of a gimmick rather than an useable mascara. Would I recommend this? Nope. Nada. No no no. Spend your money on something else.