The thing about playsuits that does it for me is there sheer versatility. Relaxed and understated, or sophisticated and stylish, the right playsuit will give you the look you are searching for. Choose from romantic, dreamy floral prints, or eye-catching single colour blocks, or even a sleeveless, printed number for that special do. Yet, there lies a tricky question, how do you choose the right playsuit to suit you?
That conundrum has been doing the rounds since at least the 1970s, when playsuits first hit the market. Then they were a little more straightforward to gauge; terry cloth or jersey creations for a summer’s day stroll around the shops, silky fabric alternatives for evening wear. The resurgence of playsuits this century has come with a steep increase in the styles and fabrics available; more choice can mean more dilemmas and mental anguish when it comes to making that important buying decision. The good news is that we’re here to help.  
Let’s think about it from scratch. Playsuits were originally children’s leisure wear, relaxed, comfortable one-piece outfits for kids to romp around in. Women started wearing them in the 1950s, usually for the beach. The fabric those original playsuits were made of reflected their intended use and it is the choice of fabric your decision making process should begin with. If you are looking for casual daywear, a denim or cotton playsuit could well be for you, as they are durable, easy to maintain and keep their shape even after repeated washes. If you are buying for the height of summer or for a holiday somewhere hot, consider a cotton jersey fabric which will keep you cool in the midday sun. 
For classy evening wear, silk is the only solution. Do beware; silk playsuits need special care and attention and can be easily stained. A solution may lie by choosing a mixed silk and woollen blend, which is more durable and also cheaper to buy.  If you suffer from allergies, or have sensitive skin, look no further than a 100% cotton playsuit, which will also be easy to maintain and care for. The final, and most widely used fabric to consider, when choosing your playsuit, is linen. Ideal for humid, hot weather conditions, linen can be machine-washed and doesn’t stretch out of shape.
Once you have pinned down the fabric, think body shape, or rather your body shape. If its apple or pear shaped, go for a strapless playsuit that will draw the eye upwards to the shoulders and away from your midsection. If you have a broad bottom, or an hour-glass figure, make sure the playsuit’s shorts hang loose and draw attention to your waist instead with a belt. If you are broad-shouldered and wish not to emphasise it, halter necked, or one-shoulder playsuits are what you should be looking for. Thankfully, tank top and short-sleeved playsuits can be effortlessly worn by anyone, irrespective of their body type.
Choosing the playsuit to suit you is all about identifying the best fabric and cut. Get this combination right and the result can be stunning.