Sunday marks the day Bella becomes a housewife and as you know I've had the dress for a while yet I'm still not telling Bella what I'm wearing as I know its still winding her up. Now due to the colour or should that be colours.... is varied I was initially going to wear aqua heels. Coming to buy said heels I can't find them. However I've now decided that as I only own one nude pair of high heels I think I might go for nude. I really like the Ravel peep toes and Ted Baker patent heels however especially since living in a town which is notorious for cobbles I think these would probably get scraped or I'd loose the heel. So I'm thinking to stick in with the rest of the heels in my wardrobe do I just go with strappy sandals - original I know. Or should I order more than one pair of heels, as the saying goes "it's better to be safe than sorry".