Models Own Purple Ash - £5
As Autumn is slowly but surely creeping up on us, I'm starting to note a shift in my daily nail polish choices. Out goes the bright colours and instead they're replaced by either neutrals or dark polishes. Purple Ash is a polish I must have bought last time Models Own had a 50% off sale last year and I've only recently started to wear it. I'd describe this as a dark rose with a slight touch of brown added in - not really that purple if I'm honest with you. However like the majority of Models Own polishes I can't fault the formula - through force of habit the above swatches are two coats however as this is slightly thicker than other polishes you can get away with the one coat as it does go opaque straight away. You can get away without wearing any topcoat with this polish too, which is always a bonus if you're in a rush. Personally I see this as more of a work nail colour not really a going out colour, however that's my own personal preference.