I thought I better post today or else I'll probably be getting the texts of Bella asking why I haven't posted much this week. As I posted a holiday favourites post (link) a few weeks ago I decided to delay posting my September favourites so there wasn't a favourite overload for you. Anyway since returning from holiday I have worn very and I mean very little make up - I've only had a full face of make up on once since August Bank Holiday and that was last Saturday at FABB Glasgow. Anyway we're digressing - onto the favourites.
Dr Lewinns Renunail Nail Strengthener and Nourishing Oil - I'm hoping a post about these will be up on Monday, as I've finished my first 3 week cycle of this and all what I'm going to say is that you need to try this over OPI Nail Envy. My nails have grown and they feel stronger - I've had colour on them for the last few days however come tomorrow I'm back on the second round of this programme. Definitely worth the money.
Hawaiian Tropic Body Butter - my holiday tan is still there, and I'm trying to keep my skin hydrated with this. Body Butters may come and go but this is the one I'll always go back too - it smells like holidays and it locks natural (and fake) tan in brilliantly. Review here.
Illamasqua Freak Perfume - a once long time favourite going out perfume, which was replaced by Tom Ford's Black Orchid, however for work/uni I've been reaching for this. This perfume has serious staying power and as its not readily available it is completely unique. Review here.
Origins Super Spot Remover - so even though I've been using hardly no make up, I've been stressed so my skin has been paying the price. By putting this over potential blemishes I find that it prevents them from appearing and takes any redness out the skin. This isn't cheap however a little does go a very long way.
Korres Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturiser - this is a sample tube which continues to give and give. I was gutted that Laganas Duty Free didn't stock this as I would have bought it in a heart beat. I find that this absorbs straight into my skin and makes me look half alive on a morning. I'm definitely looking in to purchasing (before I move into the house) when there is a good discount on ASOS.
Benefit Refined Finish Facial Scrub* - This has to be my HG facial scrub - its gritty, it smells beautiful and it makes my face feel cleaner than clean. If that hasn't sold you by now, you can also use it as a face mask. I'm still on using my initial tube and a little goes a long way. I've found that this hasn't scrubbed what's left of the holiday tan off and its helping to keep blackheads at bay. Review here.
* PR Sample