Pandora Leather Starter Bracelet* (41cm) - £45 // Starstruck Charm* - £10 (both John Greed Jewellery)
Don't you just love coming home from holiday to parcels? Not so much the ones which were supposed to be delivered prior to going on holiday cough eBay cough. As John Greed Jewellery are the number one stockist of Pandora bracelets and charms in the UK I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be sent a bracelet and charm of my choice. The majority of my friends own Pandora bracelets and everytime at work someone is celebrating a special occasion we will buy charms. What I think is really unique about these bracelets is the fact that you can make them more personal to you. For example Kath at work has a dinosaur and teddy bear charms which her sons picked out for her, and Laura has a J charm for her son's name.
I decided to choose the black leather double wrap starter bracelet (41cm) and a simple starstruck charm, as I know I could wear these on a daily basis and they would fit in well with my style. What I didn't know is that I picked the same bracelet and charm as my friend Michelle - single white female or what. Ideally I think I should have gone for the medium bracelet as this is slightly too big for me, however this shouldn't be a problem when I get my family and friends to buy more charms to fill it up (hint hint). Next on the list is the Love Faith and Hope charm - another one which Michelle has. If you have a Pandora bracelet or necklace let me know what your favourite charms are for some inspiration.
* PR Sample