Tahitian Holiday Eau de Toilette - £10.50 Avon (link)
For some reason I will only wear my "good" perfumes and by that I mean high end, when I'm not at work. Work perfume for me is more of the lower end of the perfume spectrum (ie So... fragrances or Next), however since my marra Michelle has moved into my office at work the majority of times I go to the printer or to make a drink I can smell this. Michelle bathes in the stuff and as a Avon rep what a better way to sell a product. Now Michelle uses the body spray version of this, but as it was on offer for I think £6 I decided to pick a bottle of this up to use for work.
The main underlying note of this is coconut and it just smells of holidays. This isn't a night time perfume, definitely more of a day time, and for some strange reason its not as strong or long lasting as the body spray. If I apply this when I get into work (8am) by 11am you can't smell it and I need to reapply. This isn't a problem, due to the price I paid, however considering the body spray is a fraction of the price you would think the scent would last longer. I've copied off Michelle and bought the body spray to use as a perfume for when I finally get around to using this up. I definitely would recommend this based on the scent however I would advise to pick up the body spray over the perfume.