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Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum-in-Oil Night* - £44 (link)
Biotherm is a brand I've been aware of, yet hadn't tried any products from the brand until Judith bought me a gift set for my birthday back in January which has converted me. I've been using this night serum for the last two months before sharing my thoughts today. I find with reviewing skincare its always best to try for a prolonged period of time before passing my thoughts/judgement on.
First up is the formula - its dispensed as a serum yet as soon as its worked into your skin it changes to oil and is quickly absorbed. Also its worth noting that a little amount goes a very long way - the above photos is just to show you the consistency of it. Normally I would use half this for my face and neck. This formula is a first of its kind on the market and I'll admit at first it is a bit strange but in reality its a no fuss formula, which before going to bed is just what you need. Pop it on the skin and jump into bed - simple.
All Biotherm products don't contain any parabens so you can rest assured that their products are doing nothing but good to your skin. Also as it contains Ulkenia oil any wrinkes appear reduced and skin looks more radiant as its transformed. My skin is currently going through a blah period and nothing is working to make my skin look half decent... except for this. I can really see the benefits of this around the eye area and on my forehead. If I don't wear glasses I find that I'm constantly squinting to see things and the results of that is quite profound (may be slightly exaggerated there) lines on my forehead. Now this hasn't completely gotten rid of them, however I do think they're not as profound - which to me is a major thumbs up. If you're looking to treat your skin look no further than this (also you could ask Santa to bring it for you).
* PR Sample