Goldwell Fade Stop Shampoo* - £4.05 Hairtrade (link)
Goldwell Extra Rich Detangling Conditioner* - £6.35 Hairtrade (link)

If you colour your hair (and lets be fair who doesn't) personally I think its vital that you use shampoo and conditioner specific for coloured hair. Over the last few weeks I've been trying Fade Stop Shampoo and Detangling Conditioner from Goldwells Dualsenses range from Hairtrade. In order to test the extent to which colour is kept in my hair I deliberately haven't started using this shampoo until I had my coloured recently and since then I've used this ever since. I'm still having issues with the red coming through my hair and its getting to the extent where I was considering going back red. However after using these products constantly for the last three weeks my hair is still as dark as it was when I first had it dyed and still no red (touch wood).
Now I don't know if this is purely due to my hair or its a ploy to buy both of these together, but I find that after rinsing the shampoo out of my hair it feels dry and quite tangled. But then after using the conditioner the tangles are gone and my hair is smooth, shiny and hydrated. I don't know if the shampoo has caused my hair to feel like this due to product build up, however I need to try this mixed with other conditioners to see if its just a phase my hair is going through. As you can see both products are just over £10 for the two on Hairtrade website which is a bargain, the products are salon worthy products. The Goldwell range has always been stocked in my cousins salon until she's switched over to Matrix range, so I may be a bit biased about how good the range is as I only trust my cousin with my hair. Definitely recommend checking these out if you're looking for a good value colour shampoo and conditioner, or if you want one or the other I'd recommend the extra rich detangling conditioner.

* PR Sample