4pm Thursday 10th October // 12pm Friday 11th October // Monday 28th October

Now there's a reason why I've put dates and times as the caption above especially for the first two pictures to show you how rapidly things change within the space of less than 24 hours. The house has a roof and as I type this there should also be windows in the house. Its strange how things have flown over since October and in the matter of 6 weeks (weather permitting) I should have a house.

If you recall in my last update (link) I mentioned that there were some issues which I didn't want to speak about at the time. I can confirm that said issues have been resolved and until I get the keys to the house I don't want to tempt fate. However like I said in my previous post I will be addressing it  at a later date. What is there to update - I've picked all my extras for the house including tiles etc and I thought I would share all that in a separate post - its definitely paid to take photos of everything in the show houses. I've also been spending quite a bit on getting things ready for when I eventually move in. I'm putting off buying electrical items until the Christmas sales as fingers crossed there'll be some bargains to be had.

I'll be honest I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with the house, working full time, blogging/FABB and then there's uni and I'm getting run down and I've been ill for the last 10 days with flu/viral infection. So I'm putting house stuff off for a few weeks, no shopping, no visiting the site nothing. Its not all glamorous buying a house, definitely the most stressful thing I've ever done.