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As you would have seen from yesterday's post - I've decided to seperate home and payday wishlist posts. Roll on payday tomorrow as again it feels like November has been the longest month ever. I think when it gets to this time of the year I'm normally on a mission to find outfits for the numerous Christmas nights out and Christmas presents for family and friends. However this year I have been very organised and I'm now thinking of things I want for Christmas/Birthday - however there's not much I want... she says. I'm starting to think about stocking up on products I actually need but then there's the whole issue of trying to use things up I already have. First world Beauty Blogger problems there in its entirity.
As I've just gotten a DSLR which I have zero idea on how to use properly I really want to pick up a copy of this Dummies book as I'm assuming it'll be in enough plain English detail for me to understand. I do want this, however I'm kind of thinking about putting this off as I know I'll end up playing with the camera instead of doing Uni assignments. Maybe a belated birthday present? Next up is some more Havaiana's - yes I know what you're thinking why on earth does anyone want flip flops in the middle of winter. However the reason why I want them is for... SLIPPERS for inside the house. You see white/cream carpets and normally fluffy slippers just won't go so I really want some flip flops to wear in the house, and as I practically lived in my purple ones while away I know these will be comfy.
Then there's the Philip Kingsley and Bioderma, I think I just want these for the sake of wanting. Although I do need a new tub of Elasticzer so I do need to buy it, Bioderma I suppose I could pass on. URGH why am I talking myself out of buying things for... is this the beginning of the end of being a homeowner??