Phil Smith Dry Clean Revitalising Dry Shampoo* - £2.99 Sainsburys

I have a confession to make... I've been cheating on Batiste with Phil Smith. Phil Smith kindly sponsored FABB Manchester and as I'm going through a complete and utter I can't be bothered with my hair/no heat on my hair mission I've been reaching for this on a morning. If you're a regular reader of the blog you will know my darling not so little brother is a fan of stealing my dry shampoo. Regardless of where I hide it he'll find it and use it... not any more. Why... cause when you shake the can of this dry shampoo, it sounds like a can of paint spray which can be heard in any room of the house so I know when its been used/thieved.
Phil Smith is a fairly newish brand to me - I'm aware of the brand yet haven't tried anything from the range. However something which I find I can never get rid of is the white residue left in my hair after using any dry shampoo. This dry shampoo is completely different to anything I've used before purely due to the fact that it hardly produces any white residue when sprayed onto my hair. I could even say that you could spray it and not even brush out - its seriously not visable. Also if you're not a fan of scented products on your hair this is ideal. I don't find that this gives my hair much volume, however as my hair is fine (with a lot of it) this isn't anything out of the ordinary for me. The smaller bottle is ideal for keeping in my work bag and for the gym.
Note - the Phil Smith range is currently on offer in Sainsbury's - the dry shampoo is down to £1.49.
* FABB Events Sponsor