Plates and Salt and Paper Shaker - 20 Euro (Laganas)
Dorma Richard Marble Lotion Pump - £11.99 // Dorma Richard Marble Tumbler - £7.99 (link) // Blue Country Tea, Coffee and Sugar Canister - £2.79 each (all Dunelm Mill)

I think I've now officially had enough of buying small bits and bobs for the house and I'm ready to start buying furniture (post on this coming soon). However I thought I would show you some bits and bobs what I've been picking up. First up are these gorgeous plates from Laganas - I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet however as soon as I saw the duck egg blue ones I knew I had to have them. Off the top of my head I'm thinking potentially one in the bedroom and possibly one in the walk in wardrobe (for the time being).Think they'll be really useful for putting rings/Kirby grips in them before I loose them. I couldn't resist the little salt and pepper shakes neither and for a euro I can't be robbed. However I only ever use salt when I have pub (or post night out) chips, so I think the poor salt pot is going to be a bit redundant.
Next bits are from a store which I can only call hell on earth - Dunelm Mill. If you're from the North East in Stockton there is a road of factory shops, outlets, furniture stores on Portrack Lane. This and along with dare I mutter the words "The Range" are literally my worst nightmare, I avoid any opportunity to go down to Stockton cause I know where I'll end up. Everyone I know raves and loves these shops however I'd happily order off line. So first up is the soap dispenser and the tumbler which literally weigh a ton - any undesirables who knock on my door will be getting attacked by this haha. I decided to get a tumbler instead of the proper toothbrush holder as I like to keep my toothpaste with my toothbrush.
Finally are these three canisters in my favourite polka dot pattern. My mugs/plates/placemats/coasters are all polka dots and these fit in with the theme perfectly. However I can't abide the font its offensive, my eyes hurt from looking at it so if I decide to keep them on the bench (which I don't think I will, they'll be in a cupboard) the font will be firmly facing the wall. However I know what will be happening when people come around - they'll be turning them around to wind me up. Even though I hate Dunelm Mill I have to admit you can get some real bargains there. So I'll be returning once I've moved.... literally can't wait...Not.