I really feel like I haven't done a ROE post in ages, and I've got 6 posts after this in draft. Once I move I think I'll probably change these posts to what I've used up in a month as I'll have way more space to keep these to one side out the way of everything. Anyway its a big un, so I'm delving straight in.

Cotton Wool - standard. No comment.

Lauren's Way Tanning Mitt* - really good tanning mitt actually, it washes well and keeps its shape. I normally wear a latex glove underneath as you'll be well aware of my tanning mishaps. Definitely repurchase.

Benefit Lip Plump / LancĂ´me Juicy Tubes Lipglosses - I found these while sorting some make up out and they're years old... literally years. Can't believe I used to wear by these for nights out. I don't like lipglosses any more and I don't know why I would put what looks like concealer on my lips. I've learnt the error of my ways. Won't repurchase again.

Barry M Base and Top Coat - doesn't beat Seche Vite however a good budget clear nail polish. I'd definitely repurchase at a later date.

Jason Lipbalm - I received this from a beauty box a while ago and its a really nice natural lipbalm. It works well on dry chapped lips and is purse friendly. I don't have any problems with this however I wouldn't repurchase purely as I favour Chapstick and Nuxe.

Nail Polish Remover - cheap and cheerful from Home Bargains, does the job in hand for less than a £1. Already repurchased.

Boots Extract Mango Shower Gel - I bought this set in the Christmas sale for £5 (well I bought two sets) and even though its quite artificially scented it doesn't dry my skin out and foams up well. I won't repurchase this as I've got my eye on the Cocoa Butter set for when it goes into the sales.

Batiste Brit - the only Batiste which puts volume in my hair prior to nights out. I only ever use this for nights out and use my other bottles for during the day. I'd definitely repurchase once I get through my 1001 other bottles which I have on the go. Review here.

Santex Deodrant - you know the crack. Have repurchased.

So Brit Body Spray* - kept in my gym bag. Its an ok body spray - although reminds me of airfreshner. Won't repurchase. 

2013 Total - 86

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