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I'll give you the heads up now there's going to be near enough a Running on Empties post each week now purely to get rid of the backlog I have in my drafts. Come January these posts will purely be monthly empties (the posts will still be called Running on Empties posts though) as I'm starting to get lost off with the amount of posts I have and what order I've used them up.

Vinyl Gloves - stupidly picked these up instead of latex gloves for my fake tan as I wear one when using a fake tan mitt. Horrible gloves way worse than latex. No way will I be repurchasing - I'd rather go with stained fingers than wear these.

Goldwell Colour Glow Shampoo* - I'm actually quite gutted that this shampoo has been discontinued as it has worked well on both my red and brown hair. However I think it has been replaced with the Colour Dualness range (review here) and the only thing which makes this better over the Dualness shampoo is that fact it moisturised your hair and didn't make it feel knotted. Can't repurchase this, review can be found here.

Facewipes - favourite facewipes ever from the home of the bargains Home Bargains. Two packs for a pound you can't be robbed. I've got two more packs of this hidden somewhere so I won't be repurchasing.

Lush Bubblebars (x 2) - I think these are the Candy Cane bars I bought in the Christmas sale last year. Always a favourite of mine (and all of you), will be repurchasing next time I'm in Lush.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Face Mask** - Amie kindly sponsored Newcastle FABB and these facemasks are really good for a deep cleanse (also you can get two applications out of the one pack). I've already picked a couple more of these up and I definitely need to try more of the range. Already repurchased.

Soap and Glory Hand Food - a present of Shawna as she's allergic to it bless her. My HG handcream - I'll always come back to this. No need to repurchase as I have 3 tubes and then 3 massive tubs of it. Review here.

Boots 17 Wild Curls Mascara - It always saddens me when I come to the end of a tube of this - this is hands down the best mascara ever. Thickens and lengthens your lashes without having spider lashes. I've managed to buy a few back ups from ebay. I honestly ration my use of this, love love love.

Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub* - really enjoyed this little sample, I didn't see that much of a difference in my skin, however I think you would need to use it over a prolonged period of time to see an effect. I won't purchase this as I want to try Clairns Gentle Exfoliator instead.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb - love this scent, this is normally kept in my desk drawer at work incase of an emergency. I have two large bottles of this so won't be repurchasing anytime soon.

Make Up Sponges - can I just state that I didn't bother washing this after using it, I don't put that on my face looking like that. Best way to apply tan to your face and back of your hands. I normally buy a 6 pack from Superdrug and that's lasted me I'd say a good 18 months. As my holiday tan has just about gone now, I'd definitely be repurchasing - I know Home Bargains have some in for 99p.

Blend Collective Hand Cream Samples** - I really don't like the scent of these products, really not my cup of tea. Wouldn't repurchase a full size tube of these.

2013 Total - 117
* PR Sample // ** FABB Events Sponsor