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Buying your first home does very funny things to you - instead of spending my money on anything but home items, I've now done a complete 360 turn. I have contemplated doing wish list posts mixing both home/fashion/beauty items, however as I've had so much positive feedback from you wanting to see more homely posts - I've decided to separate the two. Even though I've got my completion date for the house I still haven't bought any large or electrical items of furniture. Instead I'm now focused on buying the "extras" or in some cases essentials which have completely slipped my mind.
The majority of my free time now is spent browsing the internet for ideas and inspiration on how I want to decorate the house. I have colour schemes in mind, however I'm still taking Jaymee's advice and buying items which will work in any room in the house. Urbanara is a new site which has come under my radar and what sets this site apart from the high street is how unique everything is. Roll on payday on Friday as after about 3 months of searching I have found the perfect grey shade curtains for my patio doors. I was getting to the stage where I was contemplating dying cream curtains (we all know this would end in tears with me). Also the doormat - now as strange as this will sound I need a mat which will fit in with my hallway but also the kitchen as visitors will be using the patio door. This appears to be an exact size as I can't be dealing with the dirt from the building site on my cream carpets.
If you're looking for unique accessories for your home or a housewarming present (hint hint my lovely friends who read the blog) - definitely check out this site.