As this post goes live I should be out with my cousin Maxine for our annual post Christmas Shopping/Catch Up day, so when I say I've been quite disappointed with the Boxing Day Sales and haven't bought any items of clothing which is very unlike me - this could potentially change. Anyway I haven't done a haul on here in a while so I thought I would share with you what bits I'd managed to bag in the sales. 

First up is Boots - I'd been eyeing up these Beauticology sets prior to Christmas and was actually only wanting to purchase the you are sweet set, however as soon as I spotted the sweet temptations set I needed that too. The sweet temptations set will be ideal to take away travelling and also an ideal size to keep in my en suite as I can't be dealing with product over load. Ironically the Soap and Glory selection at the Metro Centre was very disappointing and I only managed to grab one of their bag sets for Maxine. Newcastle on the other hand had a better selection and appeared that they were stocking the shelves up. I decided just to pick up the you do the bath set as I still have a couple of Soap and Glory items left over from last year (also picked one up for Maxine).

Ironically one of the only things I wanted from the Boots sale was one of the Nandos gift sets and managed to nab this in Durham (as its right next to Argos where I got my laptop from). One litre of Hot Peri-peri sauce - get in my belly. I'm obsessed with the stuff, so if anyone wants to come around for Nandos... haha. Finally Boxing Day wouldn't be the same without the annual stocking up on Snow Fairy session. As I've been unwell (again) over Christmas the thought of being queued for ages in Lush didn't appeal so I went back later on and managed to pick up three bottles of Snow Fairy before spying this set which contained my favourite Lush product ever - Candy Mountain. The set also has a popcorn scrub, a 100ml bottle of Snow Fairy and a Snowman bath ballistic, and I'm assuming a 10% voucher inside? So one bottle of Snow Fairy went back and I got this instead.

All items were half price and I think I have enough bath products (and hot sauce) to last me quite a few months. Best time to stock up ready for the beauty spending ban starting on Wednesday. Have you managed to get any bargains in the Boxing Day Sales? I'm still kicking myself for not ordering the Real Techniques Sam's Picks set.