Regardless if you love them or hate them, you have to admit that your works Christmas Party is one of the social events of the working year. You know whatever happens at the works Christmas do, everyone in the office will find out about, and could potentially brand you for life. Curvissa have conducted a survey and have found the twelve most common Office Christmas Party Stereotypes and want to know which stereotype fits you.

Now I consider myself as having two Christmas Party's with work - the first being the "official" Christmas party and for that I would have to say I would potentially go with The Grinch (ironically this is my nickname from Christine - blame my surname) and also the Little Black Dress Fiend. Personally I know if I get drunk there's always that teeny tiny chance of something embarrassing happening which I won't be able to to live down - hence staying sober and acting all "miserable" (colleagues words not mine). Then I always do like to wear a little black dress for Christmas parties - don't ask me why, think its purely cause I associate Christmas Parties with a LBD.

For the second night out aka Mad Friday, everyone and his dog is out in town and regardless of wherever you go you'll see loads of work colleagues. Now for that I would have to say I'd be the Over-Dresser as come on you need to look your best at all times as you don't know who you're going to meet. I'll be sharing my outfit with you later on in the week, however regardless of what time you turn out - high heels are a must. However by the end of the night, if Friday was anything to go by I may have been the Most-Drunk Culprit... luckily I wasn't with work colleagues when I may have been tipsy.

Its quite interesting when you look at the stereotypes that you can instantly think of people who you work with and who fits into what category. Is this the same for your place of work?? I'd be interested to know (just don't name and shame them haha).

*in association with Curvissa