Even though I'm refusing to acknowledge the house move is literally a few weeks away, I'm now starting to think I need all the pointers I can get when it comes to cleaning, bills, cooking... you name it. So today I'm sharing with you an article written for you by a wife/mother, I've taken some tips from this, so hopefully you can too.

If you are a mum or a dad you will probably agree that it is quite difficult to keep your house as clean as you would like. There are some rooms that get quite messy in our home - specifically the kids bedrooms and their playroom - but we do try and keep the adult spaces looking as nice as possible. My main priorities are the kitchen and bathroom because of the potential of germs and bacteria building up in there. After all, when you consider that these rooms are used many times a day, it is important to ensure that the whole family can go about their business without picking up any nasty bugs. So if you want to know my top tips for cleaning kitchens, even with kids, continue reading this post...

Daily blitz
I find that the most effective way of cleaning is to do a little bit each day, and then do a more thorough job each week. After my husband or I put the kids to bed, I do a few chores before I go up myself. I find it easier to do this when the kids aren’t searching for snacks in the fridge, or shouting for my attention from another room. Here is what I do each evening:

Washing up: there are some bits that we can’t put in the dishwasher, such as plastic beakers and utensils. I wash these up by hand before drying them and putting them away. Once complete I will soak the clothes in the sink in a bleach solution.
Empty the bin: stinky rubbish bins make even the cleanest places feel dirty; we make sure to empty ours each day. We use quality bin bags to reduce the chances of them splitting and leaking food remains into the container itself.
Sweep the floor: crumbs and hairs find their way onto the kitchen floor very easily, so I do a quick sweep each evening. This stops us from treading through dirt to the rest of the house.

Weekly session
Each Sunday, my husband takes the kids to the swimming pool and I get a glorious two hours of peace. Of course, I end up cleaning rather than sitting down with my feet up! Here is what I can get done whilst they’re out:

Disinfecting: I have a good disinfectant that I use to clean the counters, sink and the rubbish bin. This is done to make sure that there isn’t too much of a build-up of bacteria in the kitchen.
Washing towels: When the house is quiet, I also have the opportunity to put the hand towels and the tea towels in the washing machine. I do this at a high temperature to kill off any nasty bugs, and then put in them in the tumble drier so they are nice and soft.
Mop the floor: Finally I also make the floor shine nicely by using the mop once I’ve swept it. It is much easier to do this with an empty house as it saves people from making muddy footprints where I’ve just cleaned!

Have you managed to pick up any tips?

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