Hand Repair 50ml - £9.50 Liz Earle (link) 

Sometimes at work you need a good distraction and I think for me its two things lip balms and hand cream. For Christmas last year Lil-Bil via Judith bought me a tube of this as she swears by this after recieving it in a hamper set after giving birth to Lil-Bil. Now as Judith is a woman of very few words when it comes to beauty products for her to say a product is in her eyes holy grail I need to take note. As a massive Liz Earle fan I may have had too high hopes for this and I hate to say but I feel quite let down by this on one factor and for me this is normally the deciding factor when it comes to buying hand creams.
Its the scent, I really don't like it (nor do Marie and Shawna at work) - I don't know what it is, but it just smells too herbally/organic/you know what I mean. Personally if the scent was different I'd have loved this, however its just not ticking the boxes for me. Putting the scent issues to one side this hand cream would be ideal for those who suffer from chapped/dry skin as the cream is very moistursing, thick and is easily absorbed into the skin. However the scent still lingers... see the scent just overrides everything for me. The hand cream contains echinacea, hops, beta-carotene and natural vitamin E, plus essential oils of bergamot, lavender, neroli and chamomile which are all organic and beneficial for the skin.
Don't get me wrong even though I wasn't keen on the scent I've still used this all up, however I would repurchase this. It hasn't put me off the Liz Earle range at all as I know my problem with this lies purely at the scent. I do know they do a Superskin version of this which I would happy test next time I'm near a Liz Earle stand, however not this. This is a good handcream which does the job in hand, however its not for me.