*insert usual stuff about how fast November has gone* Can't be bothered to elaborate on that.

Elnett Satin Diamond Hold Hairspray - I think Elnett is the ultimate brand for hairspray and its a brand that I'll always go back too. Normally I spray this in after using dry shampoo, scrunch and then whack it on top of my head in a top knot. Really good for giving volume believe it or not.
Phil Smith Dry Clean Dry Shampoo* - I've already reviewed this last week (link) and its been my dry shampoo of choice for the last month. Works really good paired with the Elnett Hairspray. Its also still on offer for £1.49 in Sainsburys if you want to stock up.
Osmo Wonder 10* - I've got a review on this coming up, but in a nutshell its a keratin bases spray in hair treatment which works wonders on damaged hair. My hair is going through a really bad phase of snapping off due to top knots, stress and illness, so I'm really on a mission to lay off the heat and protect my hair as much as possible. Since using this, Redken CAT treatment, and Philip Kingsley products my hair is starting to go back to normal. The small sample above is only £1.50, well worth trying it.
Dior BB Cream (Shade 2) - a cheeky duty free purchase and as my holiday tan has almost vanished on my face I've been using this as my base when I've been out and about. I've been a bit of a bad blogger and been applying this with my fingers, purely due to the fact that I've been wasting quite a lot of this when applying with a brush. I've got shade 2 which is perfect for my Mac NW20-25 skintone. Also its worth noting that this gives light coverage (clue is in the fact its a BB cream) however it can be built up to a more medium coverage.
Medicated Chapstick - when in doubt with chapped lips there's only one thing which will sort the job out. My HG lip balm.
Tom Ford Black Orchid - like what happens with many of the undesirable men in my life, this is one perfume I will always go running back too. Its one of those perfumes which you can't continiously spray otherwise you'll get a headache, yet its strong enough to last an entire night out. I don't know if its because this has been in the front of my wardrobe, but I've constantly gone running back to it. Full review here.
Benefit The PoreFessional** - This is the ideal primer to use with the Dior BB Cream if I want it to last the day. I'm not keen on this for nights out, but I will always reach for this during the day. This could possibly be due to the fact that I want it using up, however its been doing the trick for making my BB cream last. Can't complain really.
Ardell Brow and Lash Growth Treatment - this needs captials to emphasise... MY BROWS HAVE GROWN LOADS IN THE LAST MONTHS SINCE USING THIS. Go ask Tor if you don't believe me - I honestly wish I'd taken photos. Used twice a day, the effects of this have quite frankly been outstanding. Want to know the best thing, its under a fiver on ebay. Full review of this coming soon, but its stamped itself as HG material.
*FABB Events Sponsor // ** PR Sample