who is she blog, monthly favourites, december 2013
Instead of doing my yearly favourites today, I thought I'd save that until later on in the week/next week as something to look back on. Anyway as December for me mainly consisted of stress and illness and uni assignments, being bothered to do anything has been very low on the agenda. However there has been some products I've been constantly reaching for..

First up is Redken Extreme CAT treatment* and I've been using this to try and get my hair in better condition and so far so good. I've noticed a hell of a lot less breakage in my hair, and considering I've had a "bleach bath" on my hair to get rid of the dark brown to a more light/medium brown I've been super careful on what I've been putting on my hair. I'm always reaching for this now when I wash my hair. When I'm ill the first thing to suffer is my skin, and when all what I want to do is sleep going through a full skin care routine isn't on my agenda so instead I've been reaching for my L'oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution to take any grime off my face and then use Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum to make myself look half human the next day. 

I think the worst thing about having a cold/flu is having dry, flaky skin around your nose - it doesn't look appealing, and it hurts. My tip is that as soon as I feel a cold coming down, every time I blow my nose, I put lots of Derma V10 petroleum jelly** all over my nose. Trust me this works and I have no shame sitting at my desk at work with this all over my nose. My love affair with Mac blushes comes and goes and for the back end of the month when I've forced myself to go sales shopping I've been using Pinch O'Peach on my cheeks for a light flushed look (key word light, been ill has given me a natural flushed look). This was my first ever Mac blush, and since using it I can now remember why I love it so much. I'm hoping now that I start my beauty ban from tomorrow I'll be able to start rediscovering new products which maybe long forgotten in my make up stash. Fingers crossed eh.

* PR Sample // ** FABB Events Sponsor