MUA Power Pout in Justify - £3 (link)

Blogger hype is a dangerous thing, which I try my hardest not to buy into without doing my research. Remember how crazy the hype was about Clinique's Chubby Sticks and then the Bourjois version? Well it was about time that MUA released their own version for a fraction of the price and instead of spending £8+ on trying a coloured lip product I thought £3 was very reasonable. Here's a little tip for you which shocked Tor after she bought the Bourjois version (you should try it) - screw the product right to the top and you will be amazed at how little product there is. Not that much value for money there.
The MUA version you do get slightly more for your £3 however I was very suprised at how pigmented these are. When you swatch in store the product appears to be quite bright and when I came to swatching this I was quite disapointed to find how sheer they were. However don't be fooled by this all what you need to do is slightly warm the product up and there's the colour. As simple as that. I've found that the staying power on this is quite lasting which I wasn't expecting - it lasts a good hour or two (depending whether your eating) before needing to reapply. I'm not a fan of the scent of the MUA £1 lipsticks however these have a mint scent which is a thumbs up in my opinion. I definately think these are the way forward if like me you're scared of colour on your lips.