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I know what you're thinking, we haven't even had Christmas yet and here's me talking about New Years Resolutions. Anyway next year I've decided that one of my resolutions (well my only one so far) is that I'm going to make more of an effort with what I wear for work. To be honest I'd rather have the extra time in bed than sorting out an outfit and my normal uniform is dresses and cardigans or tunics and leggings. I do make an effort if I know I'm going to meetings, but I know I must do better.

Anyway if you're looking to invest in some classic work pieces, which lets face it the majority of us spending our time at work have a look on the Peter Hahn site. Now I know with designer items of clothing, they sometimes go up to a certain size, however the majority of the clothes on the website go up to size 22-24 which is brilliant and they also have a plus size section too. Even though I really need a work coat with a hood, just look at the tailoring on the jacket - both ideal for work and outside of work. If you've done any work wear inspiration posts, or outfit of the day posts, let me know - the more help the better.