Coat - Primark // Tights - Primark // Tweed Shift Dress* - Great Plains

Yes that is the face/look of a sleep deprived individual after a nine hour shift at work hence looking miserable. Now I know I haven't done an outfit post in a while, due to things been manic, however for a change I'd thought I'd share with you a typical work outfit. Now if you saw my post last week about what I wear for work, this is a typical work outfit if I have to attend any meetings. Great Plains kindly sent me this tweed shift dress (currently in the sale for £56) and its dressy but not too dressy. The material is really thick and unlike some of my other dresses in my wardrobe I don't need to wear a cardigan over the top. 

Normally I would dress this up with a necklace if my hair is up, however you've caught me on a rare occasion with my hair down. A word of warning if you're tall like me (5'10"), wear thick tights and don't reach up for anything as you can guess what happens... As for shoes I'd worn this with black ankle boots however as my feet were hurting I'd changed into my trainers in the car and ran into Steph's with them on.

Massive thank you to Steph for being my photographer for the day.

* PR Sample